Massage in Netanya

In a healthy body healthy mind


Hello, my name is Sergey Mylnikov, I am a massage master

Back pain ? Tired from daily work? Chronic low back pain?

If you are looking for a way to remove this problem from your life and forget about back pain,

you have come to the right place, my name is Sergey, I am a practicing massage therapist with extensive experience, I work with massages of different directions that are designed for a variety of purposes - treatment, relaxation, raising tone, relieving clamps, prevention of permanent pain due to physical exertion, massage for pregnant women, the fight against problem areas, weight loss ...

A large number of people passed through my hands and in each case we got a positive result.

My specialization is therapeutic massage, so with any massage you get a check of your condition.

What you can get in addition:

1. Free, large parking lot, there are always free places.

2. Free, spacious shower.

3. Massage is performed by an experienced spa masseur.

4. All clients, without exception, sign up for repeated massage sessions

5. Buy five massages --- the sixth one is free.

6. 100% improvement in health and slowing down aging.

7. Ladies, massage fights cellulite.

8. Minus 2 kg per week of body weight for 3 massages. As long as you watch your diet.

9. Massage with baby oil without additives. Leaves no stains on clothes.

10. If you bring a friend, you get a 20% discount

Appointments can be made during business hours

Opening hours: by appointment Sun-Thu from 8:00 to 20:00 (Fri Sat 12:00-20:00)

Massage price from 200 shekels per hour


My massage parlor is in Netanya


Carmel Hotel

Sderot Oved Ben Ami 2, Natanya

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